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Below is some feedback from teachers who have set up correspondence projects with other elementary, middle and high schools around the world, as well as testimonials from young people who have a penfriend, pen-pal, e-pal with whom they exchange by letter or email…

If you have already set up a correspondence or travel exchange project thanks to Skolinks, please do not hesitate to leave us your testimonial. This will help to encourage other classes and young people to open their minds to the world, discover new horizons and cultures, and to learn another language…

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    It's a great pleasure to discover this super site to find pen pals from all over the world. Just awesome !

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    Ivory Coast

    Skolinks allowded me to find penpals in Europe and from other continents ..... My students in Ivory Coast exchanged with young people from all over the's really great !

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    Hello, I'm a french teacher and I was looking for classes from all over the world. I worked on the project Clement Aplati/Stanley Flat" as the thread of our correspondence. He is a small boy that travels because he is all flat and can therefore easily be inserted in an envelope. During 2 years I communicated with different American, Polish, Greek, Ukrainian, Dubai, African classes .... This sharing was very enriching culturally. The children were motivated and acquired many skills because it is a multidisciplinary project. This site is really very convenient, secure and free. A big thank you for all this !!

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    French teacher in India, I wanted to work on the Clément Aplati / Stanley Flat project to exchange with several classes all over the world. I registered on Skolinks and contacted several schools. 5 replied: in Guadeloupe, in Réunion, in Canada, in Togo and in Algeria. Throughout the year, we exchanged letters and some objects that each school sent. The students loved it and the project was presented to the parents. Thanks !

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    Hi! I'm an english teacher from Poland and I was looking for English-speaking penpals for my primary school students aged 9-12. I found a class on this site. My students were very excited with the chance of making friends with peers from over the world. We had traditional snail mail exchange with students from others countries. It was great !


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